Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer
, in his book The Alchemist, wrote a phrase that matches well with June’s and Raquel’s philosophy:  

“When you want something
the whole Universe conspires to help you to realize your desire.”  
Let June B Sweet help you in your own conspiracy! 

As traditional Brazilians, June and Raquel share the same passion -- baking sweets! June and Raquel have decided to combine their talents in a joint adventure! Their partnership became a perfect match after they realized that making sweets goes beyond baking. They believe sweets must be Delicious and Exquisite Treats!

A former lawyer from Brazil, June Drummond, gave up her career and dedicated her life to making lives a little bit sweeter, helping people to appreciate delicious and remarkably well-presented sweets. With vast experience among the very demanding and sophisticated society of São Paulo, Brazil, June started her business in the Washington, DC area in 2009 – June B Sweet LLC.

Meanwhile, a former biologist from Brazil, Raquel Carvalho, also gave up her career and began baking sweets for her family’s traditional and popular Brazilian market in Wheaton, Maryland – By Brazil. Due to Raquel’s passion and dedication, she became well known in the Brazilian community for her talent of preparing customized treats for weddings, graduations, children’s birthdays and private parties. June and Raquel have two important things in common - they are both Brazilian and they are both very proud of their traditional Brazilian sweets!  


About June B Sweet Boxes and Inspiration

Brazil is a beautiful mixing pot of many peoples – Native American, European, African, Asian – each having left its distinctive mark, often in unexpected ways. Portugal, of course, left Brazil its wonderful language, but also left much, much more, including the inspiration for June B Sweet’s beautiful presentation boxes. The design for our boxes was inspired by what June, a native of the state of Minas Gerais, experienced while attending boarding school in the city of Petropolis in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the site of the former summer residence of Brazilian monarchs and now the home of Brazil’s Imperial Museum.

Petropolis features numerous examples of Portugal’s love of fine, blue porcelain, the same beautiful porcelain that Portugal’s Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of Britain’s King Charles II, introduced to Britain (not to mention tea, but that’s another story!) Fine Portuguese blue porcelain is on full display in Petropolis, together with the Brazilian Imperial Crown. June brings that porcelain and crown motif to June B Sweet’s boxes, from Petropolis to you! In that small way, we can share with you in our boxes a small piece of our Brazilian roots, which we hope will stay in your hearts.