9 Chocolates Box
9 Chocolates Box
9 Chocolates Box

9 Chocolates Box

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  • Gift box of 9 gourmet chocolates  
  • Select up to 3 gourmet flavors  
  • Packaged in our small signature box with a fine, double-satin ribbon


Precocious  Dried apricot filled with white Brigadeiro
Fleur de Lis White chocolate filled with pineapple
& coconut Brigadeiro
Cameo Brooch
White chocolate filled with walnut Brigadeiro, topped with a walnut
Dark Dome
Milk chocolate truffle filled with passion fruit ganache
White Dome
White chocolate truffle filled with lemon ganache
Gold Diamond
Milk chocolate filled with champagne Brigadeiro covered in edible gold
White chocolate filled with Brazilian Cachaça ganache (sugarcane juice)
Gold V Bean
Vanilla Brigadeiro covered in edible gold

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